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Woof Woof wines

Woof Woof: supporting a range of Australian animal charities

Currently available: Woof Woof Red

In 2017 we created our Woof Woof wines range to help give support to Australian animal rescue organisations. For our part, from each bottle of Woof Woof wines sold, we donate a portion of the profit to PetRescue and we ALSO donate to a number of other Australian animal rescue groups.

While Woof Woof wines are not produced from our Lucy’s Run grapes, we take pride in sourcing our Woof Woofs from local vineyards and local winemakers. By ‘sourcing’ we mean that we do all the very hard legwork in tasting and deciding on what wines we want for Woof Woof – it’s a tough job!

The criteria for inclusion in our Woof Woof range are that the wines must be from an award-winning local Hunter vineyard, and the wine must also be made by a local award-winning Hunter winemaker. Not asking much are we?, but at least you know you’ll be getting a great wine in bottle! Our 9 Woof Woof wines to date have all been made by very well-known local Hunter winemakers – we won’t give away the names of our Woof Woof wines winemakers (or what grapes are used) … you can ask but we won’t tell!

We’ve had tremendous support from our visitors, and almost everyone walks away with a bottle of Woof Woof under their arm – fantastic!

See how PetRescue raises funds

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We also often donate funds direct to other animal charities:

  • RSPCA (we adopted ‘Freya’ the 21 y.o. ex-racehorse in January 2020),
  • Dog Rescue Newcastle (kitten and puppy supplies),
  • Greyhound Rescue (donated funds towards a new freezer for the doggos’ food)
  • Koala Hospital Port Macquarie (funds from he last few cases of Woof Woof Rosé will go to this wonderful charity)
  • SoCares Animal Facility Charmhaven (cat and kitten supplies, Woof Woof wines for auctions/raffles)